Wednesday, January 19

A Story of Redemption...about a desk...found on the side of the road

The story you are about to read is literally a dream come true. It's one of adventure, redemption and fate...okay, maybe you're thinking I'm going a little overboard with this...afterall, it's about a desk... but to me it really is just THAT great!

Here it goes...

So I have been wanting to turn our guest bedroom into a space for me to craft and do school know like a guest room/office/craft room. However, since I kind of take charge of decorating the rest of the house (which I try to make sure the hubs has a say in and opinion about most of it, but it doesn't always work out that way), Tom insisted on having one room be was kind of a deal we made that if he has one room that's his, that he has full aesthetic power over, then I can do whatever I want with the rest of the house. So until recently, I had no chance of turning his room into my craft room. But...we made some change-ups to the house recently that we are all happy with! We moved our oversized chair (which was taking up too much room in our small living area) to which was the office (which is a small 1/2 room off of our master bedroom) that? We also moved an extra TV we had in there and it is now officially Tom's Man Cave. We moved the desk into the guest bedroom to make my dreams of having my own crafing/study space come true. I could not have been happier! or so I thought....

We decided to go on a scenic walk the other day when it snowed. We walked a couple of blocks and decided to turn around and head home. I insisted we walk back down the next street for new scenery. That's when I saw it...a huge, glorious desk complete with huge shelves and a ton of cubbies for organizing....on the side of the gonna be thrown out! I could not imagine anyone not wanting this amazing peice of furniture! I HAD to have it for my new room and Tom, being the sweet hubby he is, realized how important this was to me and agreed to make it happen. So we walked home quickly and grabbed our small SUV and a couple ropes and bungee cords....and we brought that baby home with us! Not a small task...I mean this thing wasn't gonna fit in the is 6 ft tall and 6 ft wide! We strapped it on top ghetto style and drove 5 mph home.

Isn't she fantastic? I'm planning to paint it...I think like a more pear/yellow green, but I was waaaaay too excited to use it to think about painting it first. Here it is in the room!

It has been so amazing! It holds everything! and keeps me super organized! Can you beleive someone was throwing this thing out?! I've been redecorating and reorganizing the shelves some and need to buy a few baskets and canisters but this is the general idea. I can't wait to repaint these walls a rich brown and the desk a pear green...but that is going to take a lot of work and I'm kind of just enjoying it like this for now. 

What are some of your recent fave finds? Do you have any beautiful design stories of redemption like this one??


  1. OMG! You did NOT haul that desk on top of the Santa Fe!? Amazing! It looks so good!!! XOXO

  2. SHUT UP!!! lauren!! that is amazing!!! i love it!!

  3. This story makes me so happy! You and Tom are the cutest :) And that desk ROCKS! Love it!!!

  4. You always find the coolest things in the most random places! This is perfect for your new space!

  5. Shut the front freaky door! That piece is AMAZING! I am so super jealous! Great score! xo