Tuesday, January 25

Get Crafty with Felt Pouches

You will be proud of me. I know you will...because I've expanded my felt repetiore from ornaments and napkin rings onto much bigger and better things like felt pouches. see...
flower pouch

button pouch
I'm not finished with this one...i havent stitched it yet or put the button on.

but this is what it looks like when you unbotton it and lift the flap!
It's like a surprise party!

Glass of merlot!

I've been meaning to add the word 'cheers' on it but i havent yet

more flowers. this one's a little bigger!

with a velcro closure

hoot hoot! this little guy's my fave!

isn't he cute!

That cool embossed felt is from Michaels. they have all sorts of great patterns and colors by the sheet. I like using them for these pouches because they are more sturdy than the regular felt....and they add some texture!

And, In case you were wondering how to make these glorious little pouches, no worries because they are super duper easy! I just cut the felt to size (whatever size you want), folded it in half and used embroidery thread and stitched the sides together by hand. For the larger pouch I used a whole sheet of felt and just folded it in thirds and stitched. no cutting involved! well, except the one shown is has an envelope flap. I had to cut that. but i made another one that is just straight across. see...easy!  I added some self adhesive velcro squares for the closure on some of them. And then just personalize it by adding whatever little design you want.  I guess you could put receipts, chapstick, compact, keys or anything else that'll fit to help keep your purse organized. I really would like to make some and add a zipper...that would be more practical.

I also made a cell phone holder that I use all the time (kinda dorky, yes! but i love it...). I can't seem to find the pictures I took of that right now so Ill have to post them when I find them later....or take more. 

oh! and I found this great black and white houndstooth felt at Hancock Fabric! I cant wait to make some things with this! I was just playing around and made these little bow clips.

I've been thinking of other designs I could put on the pouches and so far my list consists of:
tea/coffee cup

any more suggestions???


  1. i love the pouches! and the owl is my fav too!

  2. SO cute! I love them all! And I love those little hair clips - adorable! :)

  3. How cute are you! I love the button one with the "surprise." I've just made flowers...ha! I'll have to get on the pouch kick now! BTW, do you have that sack of stuff I bought at Michael's? If so, will you mail it to me? :)

  4. Lauren! You HAVE to open up an Etsy shop for these! Call it "FeltLike Home." Done.

  5. I just posted about how fantastic you are on LL. xoxo glad you are doing well.

  6. Morgan! you are so sweet! I hope things are going well for you and kyle and your little family! I miss seeing yall!

  7. Oh mercy me! These are awesome! look at you go! xo