Saturday, January 22

Dreaming in Black & White

I'm not much of a black and white person...most things in my life are seen as shades of gray. But I'm loving the black and white stripes lately...I can't tell you where this inspiration has come from, but I can tell you that I received this bag (so darn cute!) as a gift and think this could be the source of my dreaming in black and white...stripes!

speaking of bags, this black and white chevron tote has me drooling...
And these black & white design elements have taken a hold of me and won't let go!


kitchen walls
shower curtain


bedroom walls

entryway walls

love love LOVE the chevron curtains with the stripey walls! {sigh}

ok so not black and white stripes, but close enough!

 What colors have you been dreaming in lately?

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