Sunday, October 31

Halloween Weekend To-Do List

1. Eat candy [check]

2. Get sick off candy corn [check]

3. Dress up

4. Go trick-r-treating

5. Carve a pumpkin [check]

6. Roast pumpkin seeds [check]

7. Watch a scary movie

8. Watch the Ranger's win [check]

9. Watch the Ranger's win again

10. Spend quality time with people I love [check]

Still got a ways to go on my list...

Here's the killer pumpkin we carved (with help from my dad, of course!):

Have a fun and safe Halloween!
Don't forget to check out The Hub's Hub to see what we did with our pumpkin guts!

Friday, October 29

Knock Yourself Out DIY: Mini Flag Banner

Ok, so I've always had a thing for these cute flag banners. They are so festive and colorful. They make me smile! so I have been inspired for some time to try and make one myself but I never had a reason to. But then I realized that you dont need a reason to use this celebratory decor. so I made one...just because...

I'm all about reusing things and not letting anything go to waste...if you can't tell. And if you're anything like me you probably have a lot of extra fabric peices laying around your house that are "too pretty to throw away" but you have never done anything with them. (Maybe they're left over from a previous project or fabric you bought for that stool you never recovered.) You will need to go dig in your closet for that fabric for this project. Of course you could go to the store and buy fabric but I suggest reusing if you can because it saves your pennies, saves a trip to the store and, besides, this won't take much fabric. I chose the following black and white toile fabric for the little triangles and solid green for the letters: l-o-v-e.

Measuring and cutting your flags:
I was aiming for a miniature banner so I just kinda played with the measurements and decided on 5 inches across the top and 6.5 inches long for each triangle. (For a larger banner you may want to measure 7-8 inches across the top and about 9 inches long.) For the point, I just measured 6.5 inches below the top and then 2.5 inches toward the center (half of the length). I marked with a pencil and then connected the dots with a ruler. I measured each one seperately but it may be easier for you to cut the first one out and then trace it for the others. After I cut each triangle out I glued it to the string using spray adhesive. (I just used regular household string- like i said, i was being thrifty and just used things sitting around my house; however, you could use yarn, ribbon, whatever.

I turned the triangles face down and placed the string on top where I wanted it. Next I sprayed the adhesive across the string and folded the top 1/2 inch of each triangle over the string. By the way, this Elmers Craft Bond spray adhesive rocks! And it's so handy for crafting! (especially if you don't sew- that's our little secret...)

Adding your message:
For the letters, I cut out small squares of the green fabric about the size I wanted the letter to be and drew the letters on the squares like the picture above. I cut them out and sprayed adhesive to the back of each letter and glued them to the banner. It just takes about 30 minutes to completely dry and then you're ready show it off!

I attached it to an empty frame I had sitting on top of our entertainment center using thumbtacks. I needed something else here so i think this adds a festive touch! I really like that it says love too! It constantly reminds me of Song of Solomon 2:4 "His banner of me is love."

Here is some inspiration to get you going on your banner:

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Are you inspired yet?....

Happy Friday! Happy Halloween!
eat lots of candy!

Wednesday, October 27

Local Scores: Glass Canister

I scored this sucker on the side of the road. thats right! It was going to be trashed! You will soon find out that one of my favorite things to do is drive up and down the streets of my neighborhood on sunday nights. See, monday is bulk trash day so their are always heeps of treasures on the side of the road. Hey, one man's trash is this woman's treasure! I even scored my bedside table (I'll save that for another time) in the same pile as this glass canister.

I love that it resembles a pumpkin (I have fall on the brain) and I love the cork lid!

I wasn't sure what I would do with this bad boy when I picked it up but I knew it had 'practical' written all over it. I had to give it a good clean, of course. It was pretty grimey.

I finally decided that it would be the perfect solution to an ongoing problem we seem to have at the Scurry House. The Hubs and I are both pretty sentimental and we can't bring ourselves to throw away birthday cards, letters on cute stationery and event invitations. We have a whole dresser drawer full of sentimentals such as this. So, I picked out some of my favorites and dumped them in the canister.

It is actually very practical and helps clear the clutter in our drawers. And the best part is, we dont have to feel guilty for throwing away any letters....until it gets full of course! And it's fun to flip through them from time to time.

Here it is gracing our side table in the living room. I applologize for the horrible flash photography.

Have you scored any good finds from your neighborhood streets lately? Are you into that sorta thing or does it give you the creeps?

Monday, October 25

Vintage Love: Vintage Inspired

Despite the fact that the word vintage is overused in the design world today, I love it so! Don't you? I love it, I get it, and it turns me on! anything vintage. So until someone can think of a better word that encapsulates the romanticism of things past, I will be using the word quite a lot.

With that being said, it's now Confession Time: I'm kinda addicted to thrift stores... "Hi, I'm Lauren and I'm a junk addict"- I guess that would be called a hoarder....oh no!....(5 second pause for contemplation of self and worry for the future of my family)----and BACK TO MY POST: Many times I go to thrift stores and score a killer vintage item to add to my find out a week later, when I turn it over or look at the tag, that it isn't vintage at all! bummer, i know!… But I still appreciate them because they are beautiful and vintage inspired. For example, this snap-button denim shirt I found at a local thrift store (seriously, one of my faves)'s actually JCrew

And this 'vintage' floral mug....

I turned it over later and it was stamped Hallmark and definitely not the 1976 Hallmark.

Whereas pure vintage is my one true love (other than my hubby of course...and God), and is the energy behind my blog ramblings, vintage inspired is also a love of mine. When I say vintage inspired, I mean things that were made in recent years to resemble beautiful and lustful designs of the past such as this wall paper...(is anyone else as jealous of this dining room as I am?)

via my decor syle

....and pretty much anything from here .....or here.

Are you one to jump for vintage inspired? Perhaps, you only go for the real deal!? Or.... is modern your main man?

Thursday, October 21

Lauren Scurry and Blogging

Those are two words you would never hear in the same sentence. I dont know whether to be proud for making the jump or disappointed for giving into this blog-thing! But either way: I am officially a blogger! and if you know me at all, you are shocked I'm sure! for someone who is a little behind the times (i.e. no iphone and no twitter...gasp!) this blogging thing is a big deal... like BIG deal. not gonna lie, im a little out of my comfort zone. I never understood the blogging world until it was so beautifully revealed to me via the oh so lovely and addicting design blogs. I'll have to admit, I always thought blogging was a little egocentric...and then one day I had an apiffany...sharing my thougths, loves and inspirations with the world is not for the world's sake but for my own sanity... Thus, this blog will be my form of self-expression and my creative outlet to whoever wants to read it, whether it be 3 or 300 people. Hope you can find something here that inspires you and keeps you going.