Monday, January 17

His & Hers: Bedside Table

Sorry for the little hiatus there. But no need to worry...I'm back! I have a lot of exciting posts to share and I'll kick it off with Monday's traditional His & Hers....bedside table edition:

His: Tom's table was a gift from my dad. Its a cool 50s style art deco side table with lots and lots of space. It's complete with a baby picture of yours truley, a bowl I made in a ceramics class last year that he empties his pockets into each night...and lots and lots of books...usually double the amount shown in this can tell who the reader of the family is. But, hey, I'm getting better. I'm halfway through my first of many books of this was one of my top ten goals of the year. oh and some headphones and of course a Texas Rangers cup, along with a bunch of other random stuff under the top shelf like letters from azizi, cough drops and Tylenol PM.

Hers: My table was another steal from my neighborhood streets. no really, i found this on the side of the road and with a little spray paint and sand paper, its a perfect bedside table! Of course, I have a baby picture (more like kindergarten picture) of Tom in a wire mesh frame I scored from a thrift store along with Arbonne Pampermint footcream, a bible that Tom gave me when we were dating, my favorite devotional book ever, Jesus Calling, and a vintage piano music box that Tom also gave me when we were dating...probably my favorite gift ever!  that's pretty much it. i try to keep it tidy and clutter free.

I think you can tell alot from someone's bedside table. What's on yours?!

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  1. thanks Lauren for your sweet encouragement! and yes you need to read the Chronicles in 2011! we've got a guest room waiting for y'all whenever you want to come to Waco and par-tay with the Coles! and i love that you guys have each others baby pics by your bed :)