About Me

I am 28 years old and live with my husband, Tom, and our dog, Molly, in Richardson, Texas. I am a 3rd time student going back to school to persue a career in Speech and Language Pathology. I want to help people, I want to work with kids, and I want summer's off with The Hubs! What can I say, speech path is the perfect job! Too bad I didn't realize this the first two times I completed college. Well, what can you do? We are in a constant state of trying to figure life out...we've been hit with a lot of curveballs throughout and are reminded daily that we need constant dependence on God if we are going to survive this world. Tom is a teacher and I am currently unemployed. So between one salary, college tuition, and the mortgage, you might could say money is a little tight. Living on a shoestring budget challenges me to be creative in my interior and fashion design...a lot of upcycling vintage/thrifted clothing, furniture and doo-dads. Which of course I dont mind becuase thrift stores and flea markets are pretty much favorite places in the world...next to my bed of course! Round Two Vintage is just a hodge-podge of ideas and concepts that inspire me.  Thanks for stopping by! I Hope you find something here that inspires and challenges you!