Friday, January 7

Paper Me Pretty!

...with Ferm Living

I told myself I'd get a post out today so here it is! I'm sorry it's so late but this one's worth the wait!

oh wallpaper! I used to think my mom was the only one that still liked the stuff. But I'm absolutely loving today's vintagey modern twist on the old wallpaper! Here's a few jaw dropping and drooling examples from Ferm Living...

ok wipe the drool off your keyboard, because we're not finished yet... they also have an amazing collection for the kiddos!

doesn't it make your heart race? I have to ask myself, is it wrong to want to have a baby right now just for an excuse to cover my walls in these cute little vintage animals above?....ya, probably. Well, I can only dream of decking out the nursury (some day) or an entry way (if i had one) in some fabulous wallpaper like this!

Happy Friday Dear Readers!

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