Monday, December 13

Around the House: Christmas Cards

It's the most wonderful time of the year! The time when you get a lot of real mail! And you feel oh so loved! But what do you do with all the cards and photographs? Yes, eventually they'll end up in my card holder you may have heard about from this post, but until mid january, they go on display. So here are a few creative and decorative ways to show off how loved you are!

the clothes line...

via Martha Stewart

source unknown

from Whatever

ribbon over the door...
from shorely chic

bulletin board...
via mommy amour
along the banister...
via Martha Stewart
 the fridge...

via not quite vintage

the card wreath using an embroidery hoop...I might try this one!

via Martha Stewart

the christmas card tree... 
via Country Living

How are you displaying your christmas cards this year? any new ideas you'd like to share?

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