Wednesday, October 27

Local Scores: Glass Canister

I scored this sucker on the side of the road. thats right! It was going to be trashed! You will soon find out that one of my favorite things to do is drive up and down the streets of my neighborhood on sunday nights. See, monday is bulk trash day so their are always heeps of treasures on the side of the road. Hey, one man's trash is this woman's treasure! I even scored my bedside table (I'll save that for another time) in the same pile as this glass canister.

I love that it resembles a pumpkin (I have fall on the brain) and I love the cork lid!

I wasn't sure what I would do with this bad boy when I picked it up but I knew it had 'practical' written all over it. I had to give it a good clean, of course. It was pretty grimey.

I finally decided that it would be the perfect solution to an ongoing problem we seem to have at the Scurry House. The Hubs and I are both pretty sentimental and we can't bring ourselves to throw away birthday cards, letters on cute stationery and event invitations. We have a whole dresser drawer full of sentimentals such as this. So, I picked out some of my favorites and dumped them in the canister.

It is actually very practical and helps clear the clutter in our drawers. And the best part is, we dont have to feel guilty for throwing away any letters....until it gets full of course! And it's fun to flip through them from time to time.

Here it is gracing our side table in the living room. I applologize for the horrible flash photography.

Have you scored any good finds from your neighborhood streets lately? Are you into that sorta thing or does it give you the creeps?


  1. i love this idea!! and i love your cute ideas!! and i miss you!! i love that i can see what you are doing all the time on here...more pics of you and tom and your house!!! love you. love this blog!

  2. I got cool suitcases on the side of the road, remember? :)