Monday, December 20

His & Hers

My friend Brooke at Pure and Noble and her friend Alli at Hooray started a special His & Hers post every monday. They have invited their readers to play along so now every monday I'll be giving you a little dose of His & Hers. Don't forget to check out Brooke and Ally's posts today too! And if you have a blog, you should play along too!! You know we all need something to look forward to on Mondays!
Oh the joy of old school Christmas photos!! yes this is actually Tom on the left and me and my sister on the right. {I'm the little one}. I just have to ask, Mom, why the bonnets?

Have a Happy Monday! Just thought I should let you know...5 more days til Christmas! and I still have A LOT to accomplish! What about you??


  1. Haha! Bonnets!??! They probably came with the outfits from March Hare!

  2. Yay! So glad you're playing with us! Wahoo. Love it! Did Tom give you permission to post that pic? ha ha ha

  3. SOOO CUTE!! oh my gosh. so cute.