Wednesday, December 1

Homemade Christmas

I never thought I'd say this by the December 1, but I'm just about done decorating for Christmas! I mean, we just have to finish puting the lights on the house that's it! I spent a lot of time over Thanksgiving break crafting away and creating my christmas decor. I can never find holiday decorations that I just HAVE to have bad enough to pay a lot of money for so this year I decided to invest time and a little money (note: a little) into creating custom Christmas decor perfect for the look I was going for. Let me just say right now that I can't take ALL the credit for these creative crafts. I was definitely inspired by a few of my insanely talented and creative friends!

Nevertheless, It's like a Christmas explosion at my house and I love it! Therefore, I will be sharing a new christmas craft or decor idea with you every week! With that being said, this week's craft is a yarn wreath! I have seen these all over the etsy lately and love them! So my friends and I decided to get together and have a holiday wreath making party...full of crafting, chrsitmas music, Elf, apple cider and s'mores! I just have to say, I thank God for blessing me with friends that love crafts, christmas, s'mores and Elf as much as I do!

Here's what you need:

styrofoam or straw wreath...

felt (whatever color you want) for the flowers...

your choice of yarn...

(fuzzy, chunky, thin, gray, red, many choices!)

also you'll need hot glue and any extras you may want to add.

Here's what you do:

It's pretty self-explanatory and so easy! First, wrap the yarn around the wreath. this will take awhile and will give your arm a good workout. i think it's easier if you do it kinda messy and just start wrapping instead of making it neat...and its more fun that way.

Then, make some flowers: I just cut all different sizes of circles out of the felt. then I started from the outside of the circle and cut in a spiral to the center. To shape the flower you just hold the center and coil it and glue! super fast and easy! there are a ton of tutorials online for different kinds of flowers. I did my research and opted for the quick and easy ones...naturally!

Glue the flowers on however you want and add any extra accessories if you'd like (an ornament, bird, your initial, whatever...) - please excuse the messy of hot glue all over my flowers

And here it is! I told you it was simple!

I decided to hang mine with ribbon over this mirror in our living room instead of the front door. I thought it added a nice touch and I would get to enjoy it more inside.

Here are some pics from our day of Christmas crafting!

What about you? How's your holiday decorating coming along? christmas craft ideas you want to share?


  1. "I just have to say, I thank God for blessing me with friends that love crafts, christmas, s'mores and Elf as much as I do!"

    Haha! I love this quote :) I wish I could of been there to join the craftiness! Love the cute!

  2. Awesome pix! We need to do another craft day soon love you!

  3. that is SO FUN!! im so jealous!! i wish i had been there with yall! it all looks so good!!