Friday, December 10

Homemade Christmas: Tabletop Trees

Ok so last week I told y'all I would be posting some different Christmas crafts I have been working on for my 'Homemade Christmas' theme at the casa. So last week I gave you the yarn wreath tutorial and showed you pics from the Christmas craft party! Well, my friend Amanda, decided to decorate these styrofoam christmas trees since she had already made a yarn wreath. And the idea was so cute, I decided to do it myself!

Now you all know I'm super cheap and I couldnt let myself spend 4,5 and 6 dollars on styrofoam trees since money's a little tight right now... so I made mine out of red poster board. a little ghetto, yes, but you can't tell once they are covered.

so if you are cheap like me and want to use posterboard, here's how you do it:(and it will only cost you about $1) First, I cut the poster board horizontally into three different strips for my three trees: small, medium and large...1/4 for the small, 1/4 for the medium and 1/2 of the board for the largest tree. I shaped each strip into a tight cone and used a glue gun to bond it. Next, I measured from the top to bottom how tall i wanted each tree and made markings around the bottom and cut evenly around it. (my tallest tree was 16", the medium one was 13" and the smallest was around 11 or 12").
you could go buy different size styrofoam cones from a craft store...easy enough! but this option will cost you more like $15.

Now for the fun part: decorating your trees! you could use, moss, paper, beads, ribbon, sequins, yarn, felt, twigs, candy...whatever! For the small tree I used some plaid paper from Paper Source I had left over from a different project. I cut about 2" horizontal strips from the paper to fit around the cone. I fringed the edges of the strips and glued them around the tree starting at the bottom. The width of the strips got smaller as I moved up the tree.

For the medium tree, i simply wrapped it in fuzzy white yarn (so soft you could snuggle with it). This one is my favorite bc it's so wintery and cozy looking and it was for sure the easiest. I just glued the end of the yarn at the bottom of the tree and wrapped it all messy and then glued the other end when i was finished.

For the largest tree I I used red felt. Kinda like the small tree I cut strips to fit around the cone but instead of fringing them I scalloped the edges. It turned out a lot better than I thought it would!

And here they are together (sorry the picture's kinda fuzzy, but I was trying not to use the flash):

And, I loved the white fuzzy yarn so much that I had to make another yearn wreath...or wreaths! overkill? maybe, but who cares! it's Homemade Christmas! and this one is for the front door!

Have a wonderful friday! Enjoy your weekend!!!

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  1. Lauren! I love it! You have done such an amazing job! Well done. You have to teach me please! xo