Friday, December 17

Homemade Christmas: Feelin' Feltastic!

Wow! 5 finals in 4 days. I forgot what this felt like! staying up too late, eating like crap, getting 4 hours of sleep and surviving off of 5 hour engergy shots and espresso. im too old for this! but its over now, until next semester. so I'm feelin good right about now! Now I can focus more on Christmas, my gift for the Hubs, and the blog!
As promised here are a couple more crafts I have done for my Homemade Christmas theme, with felt...of course!

1. Garland: 

I just started folding felt circles into quarters and threading them a few weeks ago just to experiment. {I know...I'm weird like that} and after awhile it looked like this:

so I decided to keep it up and make garland for our ginormous Christmas tree that's too big for our house! and yes, it did take a long time but this took up my whole Thanksgiving break and was a great way to procrastinate on my school work!

Here's the final result!

2. Napkin Rings:

These are so easy to do..that's what I love about felt! I just simply made a flower {There are so many tutorials on the web for felt flowers but here's how I made mine:  First, I cut a circle out of felt. Then starting from the outside of the circle, I cut in a spiral to the center. To shape the flower you just hold the center and coil it and glue!} Next, I glued on the leaves and used hot glue to adhere it to craft wire...(found in the floral section of Joanns). Then I wrapped the wire around the napkin and BAM! you have a festive touch to your table setting!

I also made a couple with holly leaves. I used these styrofoam itsy-BEADsies for the berries and the center of the flower. I love these things! And the napkins are just plaid fabric I found at Hobby Lobby cut into napkin size squares.

Here's my table rockin' and ready for Christmas!

For the centerpiece I used a glass parfait I found at a thrift store, filled it with moss and added some candles. I threw in some of the itsy-BEADsies and some iron leaves (have no idea where these came from but I love them!) The red plaid is just more fabric from HL and I added some wine corks for natural color. I simply used a scarf for the table runner. I love the natural look mixed with different Christmas plaids! It makes my heart feel all warm and cozy!! And I want to cuddle up with a blanket and drink apple cider by the fire and listen to Amy Grant Tennessee that weird?

What Christmas decks in your house make your heart feel cozy?! Does anything make you want to listen to Amy Grant? yea, probably not...


  1. lauren!!!! why am i just now finding out that you have a freakin' blog?!?! you are so cute and talented, my friend! your blog is awesome. and i miss you!

  2. Amy Grant Tennessee Christmas! Ahh! counting the days until I can cuddle up on your couch with you and listen to that! CUTE table!! :)

    P.S. What are we going to eat Christmas Eve/Christmas morning?

  3. umm, everything christmas makes me want to listen to amy grant! especially your gorgeous table! lauren! i am obsessed with your fantastic table and all your felt creations! love it.