Monday, November 1

Vintage Love: Bicycles

This beautiful weather has made me want to go ride my bike.

I fell in love with these vintage inspired beach cruisers on our honeymoon. The Inn where we stayed provided these complimentary bikes for us. We didn't rent a car so this was our primary source of transportation and we cruised up and down the streets of Santa Barbara all week. It was lovely! I couln't stop talking about it for months so Tom finally gave in and gave me this beauty for Christmas that year: oh! i love her so!

I think its time I pimp my ride....what do you think?


or weave?

on the front?

on the back?

or both?

These make my heart go pitter-patter:


street bike

yellow leather saddle bag

vintage headlight


You feelin' a bike ride coming on? Now I need to go fix my flat so I can actually ride. Enjoy the beautiful weather!

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