Wednesday, November 3

Local Scores: Tea Party Lamp

This week's local score is this lamp I found at a local thrift shop. It was just under 4 bucks! It makes me want to have a tea party!

yes, these were taken in my car...such is the life of a commuter.

I think this one calls for a nice fresh coat of white spray paint...there's not much a crisp coat of white spray paint can't cure. Reminds me of this one-lump-or-two-lamp I have been drooling over at Anthro for the better part of a year now.
And for $194 less (plus the cost of spray paint)...can't beat that!
Here's some more creative lighting assembled with peices off the Madhatter's table:
via casasugar

floor lamp
via dreams in pink

single pendant...this would go perfect over my kitchen sink
via apartmenttherapy this idea!
via webecoist

funky painted
via designlaunches

tea kettle
via thisnext

yellow rose bowl
via lavendarhillstudio

recess lighting
via apartmenttherapy

For you super crafty people you can even make your own. Country Living has a good tutorial here. I think I'll just stick with my already assembled one for now... and post some pics once I have time to really get my hands on that baby!
Is crisp white the way to go? what do you think? any other suggestions?....
Happy Hump Day!

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