Monday, November 15

Knock Yourself Out DIY: Recycled Print Mirror

I hate to admit it, but I've never been much of a reader. When that rare opportunity comes that I get into a good book {and I do love it when that happens}, I always say that I'm going to start reading more for fun (as opposed to for school), but I never do! The weird thing is that I LOVE books! I love the smell of an old book...I could spend hours in a used bookstore or library just flipping through books about anything and everything. This results in us having tons of books in our house collecting dust...and I can probably count on my hands the ones I have read cover to cover. I thought I'd put at least one of these books to better use by recycling it for design.

I had an old mirror that needed a little updo that I decided would be perfect for this project. But the great thing about this DIY is that you can use any old thing lying around your house that you want to cover in recycled print.

I chose a paperback book that I didn't mind destroying. I cut the pages into little strips and used Mod Podge to callage them on the frame. It's super easy!

I had pictures of the before but they got deleted from my camera on accident so here is the after...sorry about the pics {its kinds hard to capture some good pictures of a mirror}

I'm not sure where this will go yet...maybe it'll be someone's christmas present...hmmm...who will be the lucky one?

Here is some inspiration for your recycled print DIY via West Elm:

I think my next project will be these them!

I'm thinking a tree trimmed with nothing but recycled print Christmas ornaments right about now! {high aspirations, I know...}

How about you?Do you have any crafty ideas for recycling old books? Please share! I have many more books that need to be put to good use!

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