Monday, February 7

Vintage Love: Scarves

We all know that I love rummaging through thrift stores and walking out with some great finds, vintage scarves included. I love the bold prints and bright colors of an old silk scarf! You can find these babies for like a measley .50 at any thrift store. They are all so different and unique in their own way!

surrey & bucks

They are the perfect wardrobe accessory and there are countless ways to wear them:
esme and the lane way



via thisnext

source not found

via girl-fashion

And the perfect home accessory, too!
quilt via ounodesign

curtain tie back pure style home

framed wall art via Domino

retro throw pillows via ounodesign

bold, beautiful, unique, creative, vintage... and for mere pennies!

How do you accessorize with your scarves?

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