Tuesday, February 1

Blog thoughts

I've been thinking...(uh oh, you say?...i know it's dangerous...) But I can't help but think about my blog and my intentions with why I blog, what I write about and what motivates me to do this....and I can't help but notice that what my blog has evolved into of late is not what I had originally envisioned. I came up with the name Round Two Vintage for no particular reason but the fact that I love vintage, i love upcycling, and the thought of using something today that has a story and a life of yesterday is so romantic to me! Yet, my blog is not chalked full of DIY projects, upcycling, vintage love and local scores like I first had planned. Yes, I talk about those things some but I am starting to think maybe I need a new name... I share with you what I'm thinking, what is on my mind/heart at the moment and lately my blog has seemed more like a crafting/design blog...i'm going to need to give this some serious thought...no worries, nothing is changing at the moment...because i know you were worried, right? anyways, thanks for listening to my complete nonsense....

And if you are in North Texas right now, enjoy this rare (or not so rare) occasion of snowiness!!

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