Wednesday, February 23

Around the House with Baskets

via West Elm

I can't beleive it's been over a week since my last post! This full time work schedule and online classes is leaving me with little to no time for blogging...and yes i did say full time job! I am no longer unemployed. Let's just say God is good and his timing is perfect!

Getting to the baskets...So the other day I found Dallas' best kept secret....well I guess it's no secret anymore...but then again, maybe it was never a secret...maybe I'm just late on this one...I tend to be the last one to find out  about cool things like this so that's probably the case...but I'll just keep on thinking I happened upon an undiscovered treasure's more fun.

I stopped by to see what it was all about and came out having to make two trips to my car to haul nothing but a ton of baskets! i will try to hold back on my excitement, but i was. so. excited about my new score! I have a weird thing for baskets...I guess I love that they are practical and pretty...two prerequisites I try to have for anything I put in my home...and baskets add a nice natural element too! I got three sets of 4 nesting natural seagrass baskets...each set was marked down from $62 to $14! I went home and decided to divide and conquer! so they are now scattered throughout my house solving {almost} any previous organizing conundrum...oh the beauty!...

I don't have any pictures yet of my new baskets in use but here are a few pics of other baskets around the home:

in the guest bath...

hanging baskets... 

accessory (scarf) storage in the bedroom....

my mom's old vintage footlocker for office supplies...

 here is more basket inspiration from the web...






Some of my faves....1. Target  2. Pottery Barn  3. West Elm   4. World Market   5. Anthropologie

What are your favorite storage solutions around the house??

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