Monday, October 25

Vintage Love: Vintage Inspired

Despite the fact that the word vintage is overused in the design world today, I love it so! Don't you? I love it, I get it, and it turns me on! anything vintage. So until someone can think of a better word that encapsulates the romanticism of things past, I will be using the word quite a lot.

With that being said, it's now Confession Time: I'm kinda addicted to thrift stores... "Hi, I'm Lauren and I'm a junk addict"- I guess that would be called a hoarder....oh no!....(5 second pause for contemplation of self and worry for the future of my family)----and BACK TO MY POST: Many times I go to thrift stores and score a killer vintage item to add to my find out a week later, when I turn it over or look at the tag, that it isn't vintage at all! bummer, i know!… But I still appreciate them because they are beautiful and vintage inspired. For example, this snap-button denim shirt I found at a local thrift store (seriously, one of my faves)'s actually JCrew

And this 'vintage' floral mug....

I turned it over later and it was stamped Hallmark and definitely not the 1976 Hallmark.

Whereas pure vintage is my one true love (other than my hubby of course...and God), and is the energy behind my blog ramblings, vintage inspired is also a love of mine. When I say vintage inspired, I mean things that were made in recent years to resemble beautiful and lustful designs of the past such as this wall paper...(is anyone else as jealous of this dining room as I am?)

via my decor syle

....and pretty much anything from here .....or here.

Are you one to jump for vintage inspired? Perhaps, you only go for the real deal!? Or.... is modern your main man?

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