Thursday, October 21

Lauren Scurry and Blogging

Those are two words you would never hear in the same sentence. I dont know whether to be proud for making the jump or disappointed for giving into this blog-thing! But either way: I am officially a blogger! and if you know me at all, you are shocked I'm sure! for someone who is a little behind the times (i.e. no iphone and no twitter...gasp!) this blogging thing is a big deal... like BIG deal. not gonna lie, im a little out of my comfort zone. I never understood the blogging world until it was so beautifully revealed to me via the oh so lovely and addicting design blogs. I'll have to admit, I always thought blogging was a little egocentric...and then one day I had an apiffany...sharing my thougths, loves and inspirations with the world is not for the world's sake but for my own sanity... Thus, this blog will be my form of self-expression and my creative outlet to whoever wants to read it, whether it be 3 or 300 people. Hope you can find something here that inspires you and keeps you going.


  1. i AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS!!! whoohoo!!! love you and want you to post every detail of your life up here so i can feel like i live with you!! and we have to get together next time i am in dallas!!! love you so much!!

  2. YAY Lauren! I already love this!!